Create private audio rooms to discuss the game with your friends no matter where they are.

How to get started:

1.Enter your name, press enter or click the arrow and accept any request for microphone access on your device

2.Click the people button in the middle of the row of three icons

3. Click ‘Create a room’ to start your own room – you’ll then be presented with a unique code to share amongst your friends to allow them to join you. Alternatively ‘Join a room’ to paste in a unique access code sent to you by a friend to join their room.

How was your experience?

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Problems with audio?

Audio too loud / muffled? Please use the volume icon icon to toggle the audio levels for the best experience.

Audio too low? Hear me cheer recognises if you are holding your mobile device vertically and delivers audio through your usual call speaker. To increase the volume and use the speakerphone, please place your device flat.