Wolves Wishes: When Nouha Met Regan

Proud brother surprised at school

Today sees the last of the Wolves Wishes which have been granted this Christmas, with a surprise for Regan Tomlinson at Coppice School of Performing Arts.

Regan has come through a difficult year after his young sister Freya was diagnosed with cancer, but hasn't once moaned as his family's attentions were understandably elsewhere.

Now his family were keen to show him just how proud they are of how he has handled what has been thrown at them, and Wolves were only delighted to help.

Find out more below, and click to watch the video as Regan was surprised at school!

Thanks to everyone for their help in getting Wolves Wishes off the ground, including official Football League sponsor Sky Bet.

And a special thanks to all who sent in nominations - we will be continuing to try and grant more Wolves Wishes in the future.


THE FAN : Regan Tomlinson, a Wolves fan and 12-year-old pupil at Coppice School of Performing Arts.


THE WISHERS: Regan’s step-dad Craig Powers and his Auntie, Karen Harvey.


WHY: “Regan’s had a really tough year,” says Craig. “In January, his little sister Freya was diagnosed with cancer, the news coming on Regan’s 12th birthday. From the initial diagnosis Regan didn’t see his Mom, his sister, and other memories of his family, for over ten weeks. He hasn’t been one to ask questions – he has just been there when Freya has been at home. When she’s awake he has played with her and when she’s dropped off to sleep he has then gone out and played with his mates. Then as soon as she has been awake again he has been by her side and making sure she’s o-k. To raise money for the cancer ward at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Regan and a few others walked up to the top of Snowdon. The conditions at the top were treacherous – below freezing, winds, hail – but he made it. It would be just be good to have a nice Christmas.”

Karen added: “Throughout the last ten months Freya has spent long periods of time in BCH and throughout this time Regan has been a rock. He never complains and is supportive to Freya and his Mom and Step Dad. He has two older sisters and as a family their world has been torn apart by this. Every school holiday throughout this year Freya has been ill and in hospital so they were not able to do the usual ‘family’ things but Regan never moaned. He just got on with things and sits with Freya either reading or playing with her when she’s well enough. Regan is a smashing lad who really deserves a treat after this horrible year.”


FREYA SAYS: “I kiss him lots and lots! He plays football with me and I’ve got a Minnie Mouse football with Donald and Minnie on it.” Do you think he deserves a treat for Christmas Freya? “He can just have ice cream!”


THE WISH: Nouha Dicko and Ibrahim Keita surprised Regan in his class at Coppice School of Performing Arts. A message was played on video screen with the players wishing the class a happy Christmas, before Kenny Jackett revealed that there was going to be a special presentation for Regan. Nouha then arrived to present Regan with an away kit and the news that he was to be Wolves mascot for the away game at Blackburn, including accommodation for his family at the team hotel the night before. The rest of the class didn’t miss out with plenty of chocolate handed out as a Christmas gift! Nouha and Ibrahim meanwhile stayed on after the presentation to take part in a French lesson with other students.


REGAN SAYS: “I was just doing my lesson and Nouha Dicko turned up and it was a bit bizarre after that! He said that I’m going to be a mascot at Blackburn and meet all the players and everything – it’s amazing. My sister has been in hospital this year and hasn’t been too well – it’s been hard for us. It’s going to be mad when I get home and tell my family. I wasn’t expected anything today – we were just going to put the Christmas tree up! I can’t believe it.”