Wolves Wishes: Wolves at the Zoo!

Animal-loving fan visits Dudley Zoo

Never work with animals so they say – and certainly never work with Wolves .

Well both those suggestions went right out of the window for the Wolves Wish granted to animal-loving Trae Leek-Mayall.

Trae’s Mum Lisa had nominated him for the Wish, after he has undergone a series of issues through his childhood.

And so, with the kind help of Dudley Zoo, Wolves Wishes got to work!

"Trae suffers a lot with his health conditions and he is in and out of hospital," Lisa explained.

"He suffers from epilepsy and has severe learning difficulties.

"He is quite isolated when it comes to school because all of his friends go to mainstream schools and he goes to a specialist college.

"So something likes this makes him feel a bit more special and makes him think that it's not all bad.

"He is studying animal care and goes to Brockswood every Friday so something like this is ideal for him."

With the Wish taking place the day before a home game, it was the turn of those Wolves players currently recovering from injury who headed off to the Zoo to deliver the surprise.
Zeli Ismail and Razak Boukari helped Trae with the feeding of some very lively lemurs and then some more sedate – if hungry – giraffes!

And there was still time before leaving for Trae to be surprised by Nouha Dicko, one of his favourite Wolves players.

Given he had enjoyed being a Zookeeper for an afternoon there was only one Wolves kit which could be presented to Trae as part of the Wolves Wish – a keepers’ kit!

And the club also donated match tickets to the Zoo to be distributed among their staff.

Thanks to all at Dudley Zoo for their help with this Wolves Wish.