Wolves Wishes: Even Stevens!

Proud Grandad Surprised By Bully

Proud Grandad and lifelong Wolves fan Steve Hadley thought he was just popping for an early Father’s Day treat with a look around the Wolves Museum.

But little did he know that thanks to his family, and in particular one of his grand-daughters Chelsea, there was an extra special surprise in store.

Because Steve’s Wolves hero – “Stephen George Bull” as he describes him – was lying in wait!

As Steve and his family were directed towards the area of the Museum containing the Bully exhibits, the man himself popped up from behind one of the glass cases.

“I thought I was coming for a little tour of the Museum as a Father’s Day treat,” said Steve.

“It’s somewhere I had always wanted to visit since it opened but never got around to it.

“And then to get to meet the man himself – Stephen George Bull – that was just amazing.”

The surprise visit was part of the Wolves Wishes initiative where deserving fans are nominated to receive a special Wolves surprise.

From Chelsea’s e-mail, and with the help of her Mom and Steve’s daughter Leanne, the plan was hatched.

In her e-mail Chelsea had written: “My name is Chelsea, I am 13 years old and I was wondering if you could help me with something I have been thinking about for a long time.

‘This year will be my Grandad’s 50th year of coming to Molineux. He always talks about how he remembers when he was a kid and Molineux was just a small stadium and how he has seen the stadium and the team develop as the years had gone by.

‘My Grandad has taken two generations to football matches – his daughters and his grand-children.

‘Last season he brought me, my brother, my sister and himself a season ticket so we can attend every match. And every year he buys us Wolves strips for our birthday with our names on them.

‘Thanks to him, my siblings and I have made great memories. We’ve met our favourite players by the tunnel before the match which made us the happiest kids on earth. And it made my Grandad happy to see our faces when we did.

‘Our best memory with our Grandad so far would have been when we got promoted from League One to the Championship. It was such a fantastic and memorable day.

‘When we walk into the stadium I love seeing my Grandad’s face light up every time.

‘He has been behind Wolves his whole life, no matter what the situation he will always back the team.

‘He always gives us amazing things but never asks us for anything in return. I feel even though I say thank you after every match I have never really given back as much as he has given to us.

‘So I would like to ask Wolves Wishes whether there is anything that can be done? I would be extremely grateful and know it would touch my Grandad’s heart.

‘He is such a big part of my Grandad’s life and it is thanks to him we get so many unmissable opportunities.’

And so then came the Wolves Wish!

Given Steve’s generosity it was decided that he should have the money for his 2015/16 Season Ticket returned to him so he can treat himself or his family to something special.

The family were also invited for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Compton Park training ground and to meet the current squad, while Chelsea was given a signed pair of Lee Evans boots, her favourite player.

“Chelsea is the eldest of my grand-daughters and it is marvellous that she wrote in for me,” adds Steve.

“I had an inkling a while ago she might be up to something but I never expected anything like this.

“It is great to have the money back for my Season Ticket – I think it is definitely going to be new Wolves shirts for everyone – and I might treat myself to one as well!”