Wolves Wishes: Bailey and Daley

Surprise for ardent Wolves supporter

Kevin Wallsgrove first started watching Wolves in 1974.

In the last 18 years he has not missed a match, home or away, perhaps an even bigger achievement given he lives away from Wolverhampton, and doesn’t drive!


And family holidays have to coincide with Wolves pre-season tours, wherever that may be, as daughter Rosey explains.
“Over the years my mum has become a Wolves widow and we have spent many family holidays in Ireland and Scotland surprisingly coinciding with summer tours,” she says.
“She did put her foot down with Australia though!
“Once, me and my dad even travelled up to Molineux from Cornwall by coach, mid-holiday for the Barcelona friendly, then travelled back down on the Sunday for our second week.
“Dad got me hooked after my first visit to Molineux when I was seven – I am now 30 and still a home and away season ticket holder.
“I could bore you with his Wolves memorabilia he has collected over the years (including every home programme since 1960) which has basically taken over a whole room in their house.”


Earlier this year Kevin also became a member of the 92 club, completing the clean sweep at Cambridge United’s Abbey Stadium.
At Rosey’s wedding, he arranged for a certain Steve Bull to make an appearance, just to top the day off!
Well Rosey has decided it was about time she did something in return, to say thanks to Dad, and mark his continuing dedication to all things gold and black.

Rosey contacted Wolves Wishes, we contacted a couple of Wolves legends Mike Bailey and Steve Daley, and the result is in the video below….